Government To Ensure All Due Payments to Media Houses

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Web Desk: The media which brought the present government in power through extensive coverage and live reporting of their events, itself had become a victim of a dearth of finances.


Reassuring the media houses and the related, Information Minister, Shibli Faraz said that the present government has proceeded to work on a scheme whereby ensuring timely payments and salaries to the media employees who are under a severe crunch.

While addressing the media in a Press Conference at Karachi the Information Minister said that an amount of RS.1.5billion was allocated already as per his responsibility. This amount is said to clear ‘all’ dues to Media Houses.

He said that according to his knowledge the funds had already been channeled to the media houses and somehow it may have not reached the said employees, clarifying any delay on the Information Ministry’s part.

He further added that the government was already working on a certain mechanism of payments to media workers and this was of the utmost importance to the present government.

According to the Information Minister the PM had already issued directives to clear all media dues for the timely payment to their workers.

Sadly, it may be noted that, where all the Private Channels and Publications were facing a severe shortage of finances the state owned PTV never faced any, according to sources.

The media houses came under crunch after the ‘public service and government adverts’ were slashed as part of economic revival by the present government. this is being rectified as the minister stated.


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