Melania Trump mocks India by wearing Pakistani Colors during tour

Melania Trump is known to make fashion statements with her polished looks. That’s exactly what she did on her visit to India. Yet all we could notice is that Melania Trump is wearing white and green.


President of the United States, Donald Trump visited India and he was accompanied by the First Lady of the US, Melania Trump. Melania is known to be a sharp dresser and is rarely caught in the midst of a wardrobe malfunction.

Melania Trump FLOTUS

Melania was dressed in a white jumpsuit with full sleeves and a ban color by designer Herve Pierre. Around her waist, she was wearing a green banarsi sash (traditional Indian fabric made with silk and gold/silver threads).

So even the designer might not have realized that banarsi sash is a throwback to pre-partition India.


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