PM Khan to make statement as ‘Climate Action Hero’ at global forum

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday will make a statement at the annual Austrian World Summit as a “Climate Action Hero” and share his vision about climate change, Senator Faisal Javed Khan said.


In a tweet, Faisal Javed said that on the invitation of the former American politician and Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the premier will make a statement via video as one of the climate action heroes.

“Prime Minister Imran will share his vision and how Pakistan is committed to fighting climate change, conserving biodiversity, generating green jobs, alleviating poverty, and energising the country’s youth to become custodians of a Green Future,” the premier’s aide wrote on Twitter.

Talking about Schwarzenegger’s fight against climate change for nearly 20 years, Khan said that his climate initiative focuses on building awareness of the climate crisis and the urgent need for action every day and once a year at the Austrian World Summit.

Arnold Schwarzenegger appreciated PM Khan’s commitment and steps taken towards fighting climate change, he said, adding that he called him a Climate Action Hero – a strong and important partner in the climate action alliance.

The Austrian World Summit is managed by The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative , a global matchmaking event for addressing climate change and sharing solutions , according to the organisation’s Twitter profile.


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