Thari Mirwah teacher accused of raping 132 students

Thari Mirwah rape scandal has shaken the hearts and souls of people. A teacher is being accused of raping 132 students in different time periods.


The retired teacher is being identified as Sarang Shar, who gave private tuition to children in Khairpur Mirs Tehsil, Sindh. The horrendous news and videos are going viral on social media.

It is being said the teacher was involved in raping his students and also groomed them for group sex. He also made videos of the activities and blackmailed the students.

Sarang Shar raped students under the pretext teaching them

The activities have been going on for years under the pretext of giving tuition to innocent students.

Thari Mirwah Rape Scandal occurred in the Thari Mirwah Tehsil of Khairpur Mirs where a retired Grade-17 teacher from Nebao Mohalla was involved in sexually abusing his students under the guise of tuition center.

The teacher Sarang Shar is believed to have been carrying out these heinous activities for the past several years. He is accused of doing group sex with many of his innocent students and recording it.

He has been grooming his students to have group sex with each other and making videos of the activities to blackmail them.

According to reports it has come to light that the local police have been receiving many complaints from the local residents, the police have not been able to take any action against Sarang Shar as he is said to be influential. Some claim he works for the dark web.

It is being said that the SSP Kairpur, Amir Saud Magsi has just registered a minor FIR of this major case due to the culprit being influential.

On questioning the SSP about the case, he said so far only one complaint is received from the father of a 6-grade student whose age is around 11 or 12 years. The student is named Sahil Sammo and the father’s name is Zahid Sammo. The complaint has been registered and investigations are going on at present. However, no arrests were made.

Efforts are being made to cover up the case due to the incompetency of the police and the influence of the accused teacher. Social organizations have expressed their major concern over the case.

Sarang Shar who retired a few years back is actually the resident of Faizganj Tehsil of Khairpur Mirs. According to SHO he was previously involved in the same activities and had to move to Thari Mirwah to take refuge. He moved here ten to fifteen years back. The accused teacher is said to have vacated his house and fled ones again. The search is going on to arrest the teacher.

The investigations have revealed that Sarang is a known social figure in the area. He has made himself visible in all social and educational movements. He was the chief executive of Government School Teacher’s Organization and also founded several social organizations in the past. It is obvious that any complaints against him would have gone in vain.

The police information further revealed that his son and brothers were aware of his activities and strongly opposed him. Many complaints were received by the police in the past but somehow the plaintiffs withdrew their complaints themselves.

Zahid Sammo who is father of one of the victim said we sent our children for tuition because he was a senior and respected teacher of the area. We did not know there was a devil inside a teacher. He also said many parents are silent out of respect for the profession of teacher.


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