Chandio claims PML-N will be ousted from centre

KARACHI: Adviser to Sindh CM on Information Moula Bux Chandio Saturday said that his party adopted policy of reconciliation for the sake of democracy, but now it has a dispute with the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz in the centre.


Speaking to media here, Chandio slammed the PML-N labelling it ‘a party of dumb people,’ who could not see beyond their prestige, adding, “We now have a dispute with them and they will have to go”.

He also criticized the prime minister saying that PM Sharif lacks the courage to inquire Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar on an issue.

“The premier stopped Nisar, but the minister clearly refused to obey him saying he would hold a press conference,” the provincial adviser referred to a fiery presser held by the interior minister last week in which he had slammed the opponents, besides challenging the Quetta carnage report.

“What would the PM say to such a ‘Dabbang (dauntless)’ minister?” he questioned.

Commenting on the return of former president Asif Ali Zardari, Chandio said it was natural for some quarters to be irked and some to be perplexed upon Zardari’s return.

He said when the PPP co-chairman will visit Islamabad, contacts will be made with all political parties.


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