Criminals wouldn’t have escaped if citizens cooperated: IG Sindh


KARACHI: Shooters of two army soldiers wouldn’t have escaped if citizens present on the scene of the crime cooperated, said IG Sindh, on Wednesday.


Addressing a press conference, he spoke about the recent terrorist attack in Karachi which caused the martyrdom of two soldiers in Saddar area in Karachi near parking plaza.

IG Sindh commented that had citizens been cooperative that day, the shooters could have been caught.

Talking about the usage of licensed weapons, he added that these licensed weapons are not for showing off but people can use them for their security.

IG Sindh added that 3 to 4 criminals are being arrested on a daily basis. Whereas within a month, there have been 490 police operations around the city.

Furthermore, he said that street crime rate had visibly decreased in the city.

He said that in order to appreciate the efforts of citizens who had recently caught robbers in Nazimabad, a cash reward would be granted to them.