Democracy, Politics; two different coins, realities


Political turmoil is inevitable. Democracy will not thrive. These are two different realities, ironically being always corroborated. Politics and Democracy can not be championed all together. Democracy and politics are two different competing elements,, bearing separate realities. Unfortunately in Pakistan, political actors always confuse, that Democracy and Politics are synonym to each other.


The same political class pledge to hold constitution supreme. They also claim to be the guardian of Democracy. But the facts are brutally different. Their actions contradict their tall claims. Their entire approach is more inclined towards serving their own vested interest. Constitution, Democracy are mere rhetoric to them, but once they are scrutinized by the naked eye, it appears taht law has always been subservient to their interest. What suits them is Democracy!. What not is jeopardy, “insult to the people’s mandate.”

In current scenario, this political adventure is not to protect Democracy but rather protecting precarious fall of Sharif dynasty. It has been for the first, and shall for the last time, that the sitting Government is launching a protest. Sharing the corridors of power in Punjab, Centre, Nawaz Sharif political motorcade from no means of prudent understanding is not home coming. It is to send message where it implies to that he is here to use human shield to remain untouchable. He claims to be defending Democracy, but forgets that he had been in the past, still with his resentment is detrimental to democratic values. Democracy is not what he and his part stalwarts claim. Democracy is that let the due process take its course. Democracy does not thrive in politics. It blossoms with democratic attitude. It grows with devolving powers to masses. Alas, the ousted PM moves are appalling by every means. He must remember that his politics might be triumph, but his claim of becoming “ideological” is all fantacy. In all this democracy is not being threatened by invisible hand, but with actions of the Ex Prime Minister.