Differentiate on finger Tips between ‘Religious Scholars’ and ‘Religious Elite’

Religion is the name of cleaning impurities. It is a mere reflection of how it renders a transformation in human mind, soul.


But Alas! in Pakistan our so called ‘Religious Elite’ has used  religion in demonising  the weak, and distributing certificates of who is more holy.

This Religious Elite enjoys a position in the Media, political platforms and more importantly  in formulation of an opinion.

From Ramazan to Muharrinam, and then to Rabbi-ul Awwal when they are free from TV appearances they find different sorts of possible ‘point scoring’ opportunities  to let themselves thrive, and remain intact.

Don’t be confused between the ‘Religious Elite’ and a true scholar.

I can not ascertain that who is more scholarly in terms, or who is the religious elite.

But there are few incredible traits by which we can recognize them on our finger tips.

This group ‘Religious Elite’ claims to be the true flag bearer of Islam, whereas others are apostate.

This gives them  a pretext of claiming high standards of religiosity.

Second and perhaps the most detrimental  tool the ‘Religious Elite’ use, is using religion for political purposes.

Third, this Janta of ‘Religious Elite’  rehabilitate their image first with acting holy and reciting Holy verses, Nasheeds, Elegies and once they frame a delusional image of chastity, they eventually expose their next set of  actions

I don’t denounce these acts. But what hurts the most is the use of religion in trying to justify it.

In the war of words, mudslinging and subtle messages  through the use of religion and Holy Names of personalities is condemnable.

How someone can justify spiting venom on others, then renouncing it back and putting the blame on the Media’s Organization?

How can someone distribute the certificates of  treachery, labeling them a threat to National Security and then retreating back?

How can someone be justified,  atlast relating their act with the ones who are truly the epitome of perfection.

My only concern is that it has to  stop. Religious Elites are not scholars but mere ‘Entertainers”.

One must only associate the feeling of pleasure in following them, not sentiments of religion. Enough said.



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