Dubai’s Head Of Security attacks Pakistanis with racist tweets, “national duty to stop hiring Pakistanis”

Dhahi Khalfan, Lieutenant General and Head Of General Security in Dubai, has unleashed a wave of racist remarks on Twitter in which he attacks Pakistanis.


These tweets came right after the Dubai authorities arrested a gang of Pakistanis for smuggling drugs. It seems the Dubai official has taken a stand to hold all Pakistanis worldwide responsible for the gang’s actions.

 On April 1st, Dhahi Khalfan posted a tweet of a photo of the three Pakistani nationals along with the drugs they have been caught smuggling with a comment stating that: “Pakistanis pose a dangerous threat to gulf societies as a result of the drugs they bring in to our countries. We must impose strict procedures at the entrances [of our countries].”



Browing his daily twitter feed, you can find several more attacks such as attacks on Qatar or the President of Turkey. It seems whenever ties with a specific country are deteriorating, Dhahi Khalfan has a habit of adding fire to the flame with verbal twitter attacks.

 His attacks on Pakistanis could possibly be further than the recent drug bust and may be a reaction to the fact that Saudi Arabia voted to include Islamabad on a terrorism financing list.It is worrying the way his attacks compare Pakistanis to Bengalis, knowing that Bengalis find it impossible nowadays to get work visas in the UAE, and for the two to be compared, it may signal a new movement towards similar sanctions.


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