Hajj flight returns to Lahore with 300 pilgrims


LAHORE: As many as 300 pilgrims who performed the Hajj pilgrimage in Makkah, returned to the Old City on Thursday.


The Allama Iqbal International Airport was filled with relatives and friends of the Hajj pilgrims. Upon their return to Lahore, the pilgrims were accorded a warm welcome by their relatives, who had come from all over the city to receive them. Upon their return, pilgrims were showered with rose petals and presented with rose garlands by their kin.

Pilgrims said on their return that their experience in Saudi Arabia was a nice one since they had not encountered the slightest difficulty during their pilgrimage. They said that they had been taken care of completely during their stay in Saudi Arabia.

Children were also among the 300 pilgrims who returned to Lahore from Makkah. The children expressed their delight at performing Hajj alongside their parents for the very first time.

Last year during Hajj, a deadly stampede had caused the deaths of hundreds of people from around the world, which included Pakistanis as well.