He’s back, Live with Dr.Shahid Masood now on Newsone

By: | Muhammad Ali Azlan |



The biggest name of Pakistani political journalism, with his blunt, unique and cutting edge style of analysis and commentary joins Newsone Pakistan as host of its premiere current affairs talk show, live with Dr. Shahid Masood airing tonight at 8 p.m, Masood started his infamous program with the aforementioned name on Newsone and now he returns with new vigor to dissect the in’s and outs of the geopolitical sphere, he also did a series of massively successful and lauded philosophical/epistemological shows by the name of “End Of Times” for news one in the past.

Shahid Masood started his journalistic pursuits 16 years ago with the advent of private media where he conducted some of the most sought after political programming bringing the audiences to enlightenment, making it visible and understandable to the masses what was once hidden behind a thousand veils.

His political commentary is a blend of satire, anecdotes, straightforwardness, news worthiness and the art of breaking the news before it happens which is a feather in the cap of every well connected journalist who happens to be a master of his craft and a veteran of the field.

He has held the highest political and Media positions in the country, which is a testament to his popularity and unrelenting work ethic. He was Group executive director of GEO News and President of ARY Digital Network. In 2008, he was briefly appointed as the managing director and chairman of Pakistan Television Corporation and also served as the special assistant to then Prime Minister of Pakistan Yousaf Raza Gillani with the status of a minister of state.

He also holds a distinct honor of being on-ground for the coverage of three wars including Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon from the heart of the battlefield further signifying his grit and passion for his profession.

Masood, A surgeon by profession received fellowship of Royal College of Surgeons, U.K but his true calling lied elsewhere hence he did his major in International Relations and Defence Studies from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Masood has stayed uncompromising towards his principles leaving lucrative jobs in the past because of difference of opinion with different news channel’s editorial policies, in turn making him take a principle stand and resign.

We hope the good Doctor’s stay at the Newsone enterprise would be a good one and we can build a strong and long lasting working relation, we wish Shahid Masood and his new venture the best of luck and look forward to seeing what he has in store for us and a plethora of his admirers and well wishers.


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