Imran arrives at Civil Hospital Quetta to meet the injured


QUETTA: PTI chief Imran Khan arrived at the Civil Hospital Quetta on Tuesday to meet the injured and express his condolences for those who had died in the attack.


Speaking to media personnel, Imran Khan said that he had come all the way to Quetta in order to show unity against terrorism.

“I am here to show that in instances such as this, we put aside all of our political differences to stand united against terrorism,” he said. “I am not here to place the blame on anyone but to meet the injured,” he added.

Imran also assailed the militants who had carried out the attacks and said that such elements were ‘enemies of humanity.’

“Forget about the fact that these people are against our religion and country,” he said. “I refer to these people as the enemies of humanity, who kill or injure the innocent,” he said.

In response to a question, the PTI chief said that the only way to ensure better security for the province was to free the police from political influence. He said that the armed forces, intelligence agencies are important in fighting militancy but it was the police who gathered information and intelligence from the local areas hence they should be free from influence.

Imran also said that he had arrived in Balochistan to show the people of the province and Quetta that the entire nation stood with them in their hour of grief. The PTI chairman further said that the National Action Plan should be implemented in its letter and spirit.

Imran said that till all facts pertaining to the attack were not taken into account, it would be unfair to blame any person or group for the terrorist attack.