Indians stake claim on Jerusalem, Jesus was a Tamil Hindu, Shiva worshiper

Mumbai: Ganesh Damodar (Babarao) Savarkar, the elder brother of Vinayak Damodar (Veer) Savarkar, had claimed in his book Jesus Christ was born a Tamil Hindu.


The book written by one of the founders of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in 1946 is now being re-issued by a Mumbai-based right-wing trust.

As per the book `Christ Parichay`, Jesus was a Vishwakarma Brahmin by birth and Christianity is just a sect of Hinduism.

The Swatantryaveer Savarkar Rashtriya Smarak will release the Marathi book on February 26.

The book does not say anything about the birthplace of Christ, but adds that the present day Palestinian and Arab territories were Hindu land and that Christ travelled to India.

Here are a few claims made by the book.

Jesus Christ was a Tamil Hindu.

His real name is Keshao Krishna.

Tamil was his mother tongue.

Jesus Christ’s complexion was dark.

Christ’s `janeyu` ceremony was held when he was 12, as per Brahmin tradition.

Jesus’ family dressed in Indian way.

Christianity was never a separate religion, but a Hindu cult and doctrine introduced by Christ.

“People belonging to the Essenes cult, which practiced Yoga and spiritual science, saved Christ after his detractors crucified him. The book further claims that Christ was treated with medicinal herbs and plants, which helped him revive”.

“Christ spent the last phase of his life in the Himalayas”.

“After regaining health, Christ established a ‘math’ (monastery) at the foothills of the Himalayas, probably in Kashmir. He worshipped Lord Shiva there for three years and achieved ‘darshan'(Prophecy) of Shiva”.

“Christ was 49 years old when he decided to leave his physical body. He sat in a yogic posture and went into deep samadhi (state of worship)”.

Arabia was a Hindu land and Jews were Hindus.

Arabic has many Sanskrit and Tamil words.

Palestine’s Arabic Language is a version of Tamil language.


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