Knife bearing maniac on the loose in Karachi

A rather ridiculous series of events have recently left parents and women in fear, a motorcycle riding, knife bearing maniac has been seen attacking women on the streets at random leaving them bruised and then rushing away on his motorcycle.


The motive of the attacker is yet to be determined and varying news about his identity are doing the rounds in the rumor mill, parents and women are left in fear of this unidentified helmet wearing recluse.

Most of the victims are from the Gulistan e Jauhar area of metropolitan city of Karachi, the largest and most populace city of Pakistan.

Local hospital sources said that many teenage girls have been rushed to the hospital in several days for the treatment, who were severely wounded by the knife attacker(s).

Such events are a mainstay of pop-corn flicks be it Hollywood and/or Bollywood where a knife attacker is seen attacking helpless and defenseless victims  for their own personal and out-rightly stupid reasons and this too seems to be a deed of such a simpleton who has crammed his brain with such mind numbing and degenerative “entertaining” hogwash.

The attacker seems to be inspired by the popular Hollywood franchise by the name of “Scream” or the more obvious Bollywood movie, “Ek Villain”.

The attacker is nowhere near the notoriety of ‘Jack the ripper’ who wreaked havoc in his heyday around and about The White-chapel district of London in 1888.

Rumors are doing the rounds as police has shown it’s ritualistic and infamous ‘laziness’ in solving matters pertaining to law and order, the identity, motive and number of attacker(s) still remain a mystery even after him  being caught carrying out the deed a few times through CCTV cameras.



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