Lahore: Female patient dies on floor of Jinnah Hospital

LAHORE: A female patient died on the floor at Jinnah Hospital, after the hospital could not even provide a bed for the ailing woman, on Monday.


According to hospital sources, the woman, identified as Zahra Bibi, hailed from Kasur and had checked into the hospital for a disease related to her lungs. However, she was not provided a bed by the management of Jinnah Hospital and hence succumbed to her disease and died.

Hospital sources further disclosed that the woman’s health had deteriorated due to the cold. However, unable to find a bed, the woman had been provided intravenous therapy on the floor.

Dr Azam Shah said that Zahra Bibi had been provided a bed and that she had also been given proper medical care by the hospital staff. he further disclosed that relatives of Zahra had fought with another patient for a bed. Hospital administration claimed that Zahra Bibi had been shifted to Medical Unit Ward 2 at 06:30 am.

The hospital administration further claimed that she was undergoing an operation at the ward, where three patients were lying on one bed each.


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