Minister for Information and Broadcasting rubbishes opposition’s claims

Maryum Aurangzaib speaking outside the Supreme Court lashed out against the opposing side in the Panama Leaks Case.


She called the evidence provided in the supreme court by the petitioners “fake” and “forged”.

She advised Imran Khan and the opposition to end the mudslinging campaign and to stop propagating lies as truth, “They should worry about the upcoming elections and the enormous challenge Maryum Nawaz will pose for them when she contests”

Daniyal Aziz stepped in and ridiculed Imran Khan’s claims which were made through twitter along with bashing Jehangir Tareen.

“Jehangir Tareen has “gifted” so much wealth to his family but you tweeted on the premier’s family that they distribute their wealth among the family”, He directed the statement towards Imran khan.

“They should be ashamed of themselves, they themselves are “filthy” and “uncivilized”, you have to answer, ‘You’ and Sheikh Rasheed both should be held accountable for your comments and tweets.” He lambasted again.

All the spokesman from PML-N were unanimous with their narrative that the opposition is “scared” of Maryum Nawaz and her increasing portfolio.


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