Mother’s Day: Heartfelt tributes from politicians, celebrities on the horizon

As world celebrates Mother’s Day on May 12, Pakistani politicians and celebrities paid tribute to their mothers via social media posts on Sunday, some of those heartfelt messages are as follows:


Usman Buzdar, Chief Minister of Punjab

“A great entity like mother is a precious blessing from God. Without a doubt, mother is name of a true passion and a honest relationship. There is no commutation in universe of selfless relationship. Mother’s embrace is the first academic class of the child. Our every day is for loving and revering mother.”

Sadiq Sanjrani, Chairman Senate

“Today is the day for highlighting greatness of the scared relationship of mother. According to religious and social values, every day is associated with mother. Mother is such entity who lives in her offspring’s’ hearts. Mother is a precious gift of nature. Man achieves success due to mother’s prayers.”

Bilawal Bhutto, Chairman Pakistan People’s Party

“Your Heaven lies under the feet of your mother.” Happy #MothersDay to all the mama’s out there.”

Siraj ul Haq, Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami

“In Islamic society, everyday is the day for mother’s greatness. Salute to the greatness of the great entity like mother. Due to training of mother, a man of high attributes is formed. Whichever place I am, is due to the prayers of mother.”

Shahbaz Sharif, Chairman Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz

“Mother’s a very precious relationship for which there is no commutation. To make generations successful, education of mothers has to be assured. Women should be made authoritative and strong socially. Salute to those who laid their lives for the country. Mothers of martyrs have a special place who sacrificed their most precious relationship for the dear country.”

Firdous Aashiq Awan, Special Assistant to PM (SAPM) on Information and Broadcasting

“Mother makes homes and from homes societies are formed. Without mothers, world becomes dark. Nature has made mother’s relationship so precious its exemplary. Nature introduces itself as a mother. Allah loves his human more than 70 mothers.”

Mawra Hocane, Actress

“Words shall never be enough to appreciate what a wonderful mother you’ve been to us. You’re god’s miracle & his blessing. I still wonder what did I do to deserve you. So lucky to have you!”

Ali Gul Pir, Comedian

“Blessed to have a mom who always believed in me and went through hell as a divorced parent to raise two boys. She isn’t educated but has been a great source of wisdom and knowledge for me. I love you Feroza, your Gullu will take care of you and love you till the end.”

Amna Babar, Model

“Thank you ammi for always being the shining example of what i wanted to be like when i grew up. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. Its more than we can ever repay you. Love you meri jaan. Happy Mother’s Day to my #SUPERHERO.”


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