Mufti Qavi to be grilled in Qandeel Baloch murder probe: Police

MULTAN: Mufti Abdul Qavi, who made headlines last month for appearing in a video with Qandeel Baloch, would also be questioned in the murder case of the slain model, police said on Wednesday.


Police officials said that when they contacted Mufti Abdul Qavi, he said that he is out of the city and would appear before police within two days.

Officials said that a 14-point questionnaire has been prepared to interrogate Qavi upon his arrival.

They said that ten suspects have been grilled in the murder case thus far.

They further said that a sister and two brothers of Qandeel have been cleared. However, investigation with seven people including father, mother and a cousin of the model is underway.

Meanwhile, a taxi driver has been arrested in connection with the murder of social media star.

Last Sunday, Qandeel’s brother Muhammad Waseem admitted to strangling her to death for the “honour of the family”.

Waseem said he gave a ‘tablet’ to Baloch to subdue her and then strangled her in their family home over the weekend.

He said he killed his sister due to her social media activities, which included a series of posts with the prominent cleric, Mufti Abdul Qavi.

One video showed Qandeel shaking hands with Qavi as she sat on the arm of a sofa by his side.

Qavi, who was suspended from the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee in the controversy following the posts, told local media after Baloch’s death he had “forgiven her” and the matter was now in God’s hands.


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