PALPA to take drastic measures against PIA

Karachi: Pakistan Airline Pilots Association (PALPA) has decides to take extreme measures against the national airliner PIA and it’s ongoing policies.


Members of PALPA expressed their apprehensions against the infamous ATR aircraft with regards to it being unsafe, the aircraft has been deemed redundant and unfit to fly along with causing a lot of major air crashes and near-misses bringing much grief, sorrow and shame for the country and PIA.

The association has also claimed that the national airlines has been threatening and forcing pilots and the crew to continue working in and for the ATR jets besides the obvious unsafe working conditions.

The civil aviation authority has already instructed the national airliner to ground all ATR’s till further notice.

Members of PALPA have claimed that the ATR is checked for maintenance and stability after every 500 hours of flight whereas other carriers are checked after 100 hours resulting in a poorly maintained airplane.

After a national tragedy as devastating as the Chitral Air Crash these tactics can only bee seen as criminal, PALPA has announced to hold a conference on Monday where they promise to make a very important announcement.



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