PM meets British Foreign Sec. Boris Johnson

ISLAMABAD: Spokesperson of the PM House has revealed that the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif met British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.


Both the leaders discussed Pak-UK relationships and talked about the regional situation in their meeting.

At the occasion, PM Nawaz Sharif was of the opinion that both Pakistan and the United Kingdom share strong economic relationships and let’s hope that the bilateral business ties and investment would enhance furthermore.

PM expressed that the United Kingdom play a significant role in the international affairs.

“Pakistan is facing the most severe form of terrorism and has lost as many as sixty thousand lives in the fight against terrorism,” professed Nawaz Sharif.

The Prime Minister expressed that we are waiting for the next year’s visit of the British Prime Minister to Pakistan. He hoped that the new leadership would further strengthen the United Kingdom.

The Prime Minister let it be known through the meeting that maintaining healthy relationships with all our neighbour countries is a significant part of Pakistan’s foreign policy. He cleared out that we support the efforts to bring peace within Afghanistan.

PM vowed to fight against extremism with full force and revealed that Operation Zarb-r-Azab is in its last stages.

The Prime Minister expressed his sorrow over the human right violations in the Indian held Kashmir in the meeting. He revealed that Pakistan wants to pursue talks with India that truly achieve the end results.

Nawaz Sharif also cleared out during the meeting that the peace within the region is impossible without resolving the dispute of Kashmir.

PM also pointed out that India is purposely deteriorating the situation across the Line of Control so as to divert the World’s attention from the situations inside Kashmir.

Nawaz Sharif stressed that the United Kingdom should take notice of the human rights violations within the Indian held Kashmir and urged India to act upon the resolution of the United Nations.

The British Foreign Sec. Boris Johnson expressed in the meeting that we really appreciate Pakistan’s efforts in bringing peace within the region.

Boris Johnson let it be known that we ready to help Pakistan in security matters.

The UK Foreign Secretary congratulated the Prime Minister for passing the bill against honour killing.


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