Senate body questions Sindh Rangers over 6,000 arrests in Karachi

KARACHI: The Senate’s Functional Committee on Human Rights on Friday asked Sindh Rangers to clarify the reason behind arrest of six thousand persons in Karachi.


Meeting of the Senate’s Functional Committee on Human Rights was chaired by Senator Nasreen Jalil.

During the meeting, Senator Farhatullah Babar questioned that why six thousand persons were arrested and then some of those in detention were released.

Col Qiaser Khattak responded that arrests and raids are conducted as per the due process of law and innocent individuals are released later.

Meanwhile, Minister of Human Rights Kamran Michael stated that Karachi jail has the capacity to keep 2,400 prisoners but the current number of inmates exceeds six thousand.

Additional IG Karachi Mushtar Mehar also briefed the meeting, stating that police detained 100 and Rangers captured around 150 suspects outside the Karachi Press Club on August 22.

He said only 13 of them were formally arrested while others were released.

Senator Nasreen Jalil remarked that all the institutions must work in their ambits.


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