Step in right direction: Training session over “how to own website”held in Karachi

By: |Syed Tazmeen Javed|


I could see the spark in his eyes when I met him for the first time. Following him on the social networking platforms and constructing the persona over his writings, activism and thought-provoking posts, he was the exact person I had the first acquaintance with. His name is Fawwad Raza– a leading Digital Media journalist who is full of energy and always a thinker out of the box.

During the time of recession in the media industry, I found Fawwad optimistic as he always believed in the light at the end of the tunnel. Fawwad was adamant that the time for conventional media is fading out and the trend of online journalism which includes news websites, social media platforms have taken its course. Frankly speaking, he is right and to disseminate that thought he conducted a training session on recent Saturday by the platform of ‘Jaag Karachi’ organization(NGO) on the topic “How to own a website”?

A step in the right direction I must say. During the time when Search Engine Optimization (SEO)— a part of digital media is gaining unparalleled prominence, it is expected that new entrants in the media industry must equip themselves with the basic know-how of pre-requisites of SEO and how it brings revenue for them and to the news channel.

The training session was attended by students of journalism and by practicing journalists. Fawwad, in his keynote address, emphasized the need to understand the dynamics of Digital Marketing, proper content creation in accordance with SEO guidelines to earn a good amount of money. He shared his experience working in different news channels and changing working nature. He stressed on the need that a journalist and student must be ready to embrace the challenging tasks assigned by their heads to test their skills.

Moreover, the session became more interesting when senior journalist, Imran Ali (Junior)— owner of the blog website addressed the participants. He shared the reason for switching from the conventional media towards digital media along with giving positive insights of Digital Media.

The session came to end with the thanksgiving of ‘Jaag Karachi’ president Engineer Omair Wahab vowing to conduct more sessions to educate the students of journalism. He further extended his thanks to Imran Ali (Junior) and Fawwad Raza for sharing deeply informative and to-the-point basics of Digital Media mechanism.


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