2018 Election golden opportunity to change nation’s destiny: Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s chairman Imran Khan remarked on Saturday that the nation has a golden opportunity to change their destiny by participating in the upcoming polls.


The remarks were made by the cricketer turned politician while addressing at PTI’s worker convention, here at Islamabad Jinnah convention ground.

Address of Imran was also a part of  his election campaign for NA-53 constituency, as Imran has filed his nomination papers for 5 different constituencies.

Moreover, Imran claimed that his party is more prepared than ever before going into the July 25th, general elections.

On the issuance of Party tickets followed by the protest of disgruntled workers, Imran said that he was disappointed and saddened.

He fyrther regretted that many good people were not issue tickets, also adding that 1000s of workers have applied for the ticket.

” I regret over not giving tickets to everyone who applied for, but we can’t concede to every request,” Imran lamented.

He urged his party stalwarts that never to consider opponents as weak, as this is the first principle of any competition.



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