APC agrees to field own candidate for PM, NA speaker


ISLAMABAD: After a long and arduous APC (All Parties Conference) the spokesmen of all respective participants came out and said there bit on the matters that came into discussion behind closed doors.


PTI Spokesperson Sherry Rehman out rightly declared the General Elections 2018 partial.

‘The opposition parties will not desecrate their oath’, she said.

‘We have all agreed to hold massive protests in and outside of the parliament’, she added.

“We will face the puppet government and reject the façade elections”.

She went on to reveal that the candidate for the speaker of the house after a consensus has been decided to be a representative of PPP, the deputy speaker will be nominated by MMA and the candidate for PM’s chair will be a representative of PML-N.

The elections were rigged in the favor of a singular political party, she claimed. Furthermore, she even went on to claim that the RTS (Result Transmission System) was not faulty or suffered a malfunction rather it was shut down, implying a more sinister agenda at play.

Abdul Ghafoor Haideri, Liaquat Baloch and Ahsan Iqbal also expressed solidarity with the cause and mission statement.


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