Corruption makes Pakistan bankrupt: Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Chairman Imran Khan held former rulers responsible for the financial instability of the country.


“Both PML N and PPP used to run the country on foreign loans. Now we are taking loans to pay the debts. Foreign debt swelled to 27 thousand billions from six thousand billions in past 10 years” said PTI Chairman while addressing to a public gathering at Jehlum, Punjab.

He accused former minister Ishaq Dar of making wealth through corrupt practices

“ Rulers plundered the resources so their children become billionaires. Former Finance minister’s father used to sell bicycles and now his children are billionaires , he added

“Corruption has made the country bankrupt. We will raise the national income by ending corruption”

“We will reduce the expenditures and increase the net tax collection. We will reduce the sales taxes” he said

“This election is vital for you and for your coming generations” remarked PTI Chairman


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