“Lords of Lahore unaware about problems faced by rest of Punjab”, says Imran

Jhang:  Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan criticized former chief minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif over his performance in the province for past ten years and accused him of unfair distribution of development funds.


“Decisions were taken in Lahore by Sharifs that is why troubles kept on rising for other cities. Lords at Lahore were unaware of the problems being faced by people in Jhang”, said Imran while addressing to his party’s election gathering at Jhang, Punjab.

“Out of 635 billion rupees of development funds 350 billions are spent on Lahore only, that too because mega projects in Lahore earns them commissions and kick bags” ,he added.

PTI Chairman also lashes out on Multan’s metro bus project.

“ Shahbaz built Multan Metro for 60 billion rupees. Metro Buses in Multan are running vacant. They just established Metro bus project to make commissions and transfer it oversees”, he remarked.

He vowed to build a paramount local body system in the country when his party ascends to power.

“ If we get a chance we will devise a top local body system. Developed countries run through a strong local body infrastructure. We will empower the local bodies’ representatives”, promised PTI chief.


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