NA-247 candidate Jibran Nasir detained by police in Karachi

KARACHI: Famous civil rights activist and independent candidate for NA-247 Karachi, Muhammad Jibran Nasir, was attacked and briefly taken into custody by police appointed with the convoy of a judge.


Jibran Nasir  shared a live video on its official Facebook page. As in the video the activist can be seen struggling in a police van with his head out of the window to record the video.

“I have gotten beaten up by a judge protocol and my clothes have been torn only because they pushed my car next to a footpath and when I stopped the car a common man like me was beaten with a chamber,” he stated in a video.

Policemen, who were part of security detail of a judge, could be seen manhandling Nasir in a video shot after the activist was taken into custody.

Earlier in a day, Nasir had announced on Twitter that his associate from the Naqeeb Mehsud hearing was getting threatened as well.

Nasir is presently part of the legal team in several cases including the Khadija Siddiqui case and the Naqeebullah murder case.

It is pertinent to mention here that Nisar is contesting election from NA-247 and PS-111 Karachi constituency


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