Political Fanatics did not spare a donkey: Beaten, tortured

KARACHI:  A donkey was beaten allegedly by political fanatics- however the  affiliation has not been confirmed yet- in Karachi, leaving him severely bruised and wounded in the middle of the road, here on Monday, Karachi.


The incident was first reported by Abdullah Mahmood on Facebook at 2:30pm, in which he turned red hot over the inhumane behavior of the affiliated political fanatics, and asked them to keep their filthy tactics and ignorance to themselves and stop using defenseless animals into their dirty politics, and also called for the help for the rescue of equine who was unable to move and had painted wounds all over his body and face.

Later, his request for help were answered by Private NGO ACF Animal Rescue and they sent rescue team for the equine, and welcomed the injured donkey in their shelter with open heart and took to their social media account to decried this inhumane behavior a  “Crime of act” and said, “with the election looming upon us, no one is safe from the wrath of this time, not even a most helpless of animals.”

The afflicted donkey has had “Nawaz” painted on his body by the political fanatics to describe the party as an “Ass”, which was blurred by NGO because of them not wanting to involve in politics.

Couple of days ago, Tehreek-e-Pakistan Chairman Imran Khan called all those supporters of Pakistan Muslim League(PML-N) a “Donkey”, who were preparing for a large rally to welcome their convicted leaders Nawaz Shareef and Maryam Nawaz,  coming to serve their jail terms in Pakistan, which is directing everyone to presume it an act of PTI supporters and bashing Imran Khan for embedding this abusive culture in our society, as he is notorious for using bad language for politicians.


Earlier, This year Senate Standing Committee has passed a bill titled  “The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Amendment) Bill, 2018”, which was moved by Senator Karim Ahmed Khawaja, where he stressed on the increasing fines for treating and killing the animals inhumanely, but it seems like it never been enacted.



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