Reham Khan’s 563 page autobiography published, released on Amazon

The autobiography of Reham Khan, journalist and former wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan was released on Amazon and in paperback in the UK and select territories today.


Reham Khan


It’s here!!!
Available in paperback in the UK and select territories, and worldwide in Ebook format’.

The 563-page biography titled Reham Khan details the main events of her life and prior to its release created a storm in Pakistan due to is rumoured portrayal of ex-husband Imran Khan and other personalities.

According to the Amazon page of the book, “This story touches on sensitive issues, both political and social, and the author has had to resist extreme bullying, harassment and life-threatening situations to bring it to you.”

The summary on Amazon further adds: “The miracle of Reham’s story is that, throughout it all, this housewife-turned-journalist-turned-social-activist has managed to balance her work with her primary role of being a mother. She shows us the challenges that a woman can overcome when she wants more from life than tradition expects of her. This is a story of survival with a smile.”



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