US do not have hospital akin to Muzaffargarh, claims Shehbaz Sharif

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz(PML N) president Shehbaz Sharif praised his performance in South Punjab and claimed that even US didn’t have a hospital of such standard that he built in Muzaffargarh, reported NewsOne on Wednesday.


“Even US not have a hospital like one in Muzaffargarh”, said Shehbaz while addressing to a election gathering in Rojhan, South Punjab

“We worked for the development of South Punjab, If given a chance to be Prime Minister I’ll further foster this region”

He hailed his brother’s instance to return the country and presented himself to the authorities to imprisoned him.

“Nawaz left his wife in a condition where she is uncertain of life and death”

“He returned not for himself but for his people of this country,Although he knew that he and his daughter were going to be jailed”, said Shahbaz.

Critcizing his political rival Imran Khan he said that Imran only lied for past five years.

“Imran Khan only lied for past five years. He have not established a single educational institute”

“Do you think deserved to be prime minister of the country?”, he asked the crowd.


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