Will sit in opposition if option of alliance with PPP, PMLN emerges: Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: On Thursday, while giving a interview to a private news channel, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s chairman Imran Khan said that he would rather be sitting in opposition benches than form a coalition government.


He further expressed his denial of forming any alliance with Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan Muslim League(Nawaz) by reciting Allama Iqbal poetry’s verses

“Well, then, there is this verse by Allama Iqbal: Abhi ishq ke imtehaan aur bhi hein (there are more barriers to overcome to achieve what one loves),” he said.

“This means that we would have to sit in the opposition.”

The cricketer tuned politician stressed that setting up a coalition government hampers the implementation of the manifestos of the parties involved in forming such a leadership.

“Whoever comes to one’s party becomes a part of that party’s discipline. It matters what a leader says and believes in because he stepped up to form a coalition as a politician.

Imran Khan further asked, “Will Asif Zardari agree to the kind of accountability I desire because you cannot control coalition?”

“Therefore, one sits in the opposition,” he noted, in an apparent response to his own question.


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