Umar Sharif Show makes an Impactful comeback

The King of Urdu Comedy Umar Sharif graced the television screens last weekend on NewsOne with first guests being the premier Pakistani Television/Film actor Faisal Qureshi along with the gorgeous Ayesha Omar.


The debuting Umar Sharif Show opened up with two part program of which the first part was aired on Saturday and the second part was seen upon the NewsOne Tv screen Sunday night at 8 PM.

The first episode gave us a taste of what the program will look and feel like with a live In-studio audience backed up by live musicians creating a vibrant ambiance worthy of an evening entertainment show fit to be enjoyed by the entire family.

The show lived up to the expectations giving us quality content for its duration when the Legendary Umar Sharif sat down to host livening up the atmosphere with his distinct style. The celebrities were seen having a great time in fits of hysterical laughter on the sets as the “Chooriyon ki Awaaz” fame Lucky Ali, the younger brother of Sajjad and Waqar Ali serenaded them with sweet Pakistani melodies.

The viewer may rest assured whenever the legendary Umar Sharif takes center stage, Hilarity ensues. It promises to be a very satisfactory ride that guarantees pure unadulterated entertainment.

The show will air at 8:00 PM every Saturday and Sunday on NewsOne, with new celebrity guests every week.


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