Ali Zafar files Rs1 billion worth defamation lawsuit on Meesha Shafi

Web Desk: The Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi debacle has taken a legal turn, Ali Zafar has recently dispatched a legal notice to miss Meesha Shafi seeking Rs1 Billion in damages for the shame which her allegations have brought to the famous singer-songwriter and actor.


Probably one of the biggest celebrities to come out of Pakistan in the past decade, Ali Zafar has faced random allegations by various women on twitter aswell after the harassment allegation by Shafi went viral.

Following is a copy of the legal notice sent to Meesha Shafi by Ali Zafar’s legal team:


Ali’s legal time has claimed that Miss Shafi wants to grab attention for the sake of being a part of the global #meToo movement. Quoting Meesha’s tweet in which she alleged harassment, the notice read, “That you have accused our client of repeated sexual harassment of a physical nature and through this accusation you have made yourself a part of the global #MeToo movement raising affinities and sympathies for yourself based on a lie and a defamatory campaign being spearheaded by you as a result of which all news channels, newspapers and social media platforms in the country and abroad are reaching conclusions about the character of our client.”

Meesha’s legal team has strongly denied the contents of the legal notice as ‘false’. “Meesha’s allegations of sexual harassment against Ali Zafar are based on truth thus the issue of defamation does not arise,” Barrister Muhammad Ahmad Pansota said.


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