Ali Zafar retorts to fresh Meesha Shafi Allegations

LAHORE: Actor, Singer Ali Zafar said on Tuesday to fully respond to Singer Meesha Shafi’s fresh allegations leveled at him in Monday’s private TV channel interview and a press statement released by Shafi’s legal team.


In a statement followed by a tweet, Zafar said he, “will issue a decisive thing today,” and will respond to Shafi’s every allegation with facts and evidence.

Singer Meesha Shafi on Monday responded to Ali Zafar’s allegations saying she wanted to resolve the matter behind closed doors before disclosing the harassment publicly.

In the first-ever interview with a private TV channel after the filing of the harassment and defamation case in court, Shafi said she tried her best to resolve the matter secretly and she had told Zafar’s representatives this “in a very clear manner.”

Shafi said, “I was trying my best not to let this come out. I had given them the message that I do not want a controversy of any kind, and that I do not want this to come out in public.”

“I have tried my level to sort the issue privately behind closed doors. But I didn’t get any breakthrough,” she added.

Shafi said when she conveyed the message of her refusal to work with Zafar, she was told to meet Zafar at his residence. She said she was asked if she would forgive Zafar, which she showed a willingness to reconsider, but was told again to meet Zafar at his residence.

Shafi said, “during those four months after the incident, I did not speak about it as I had blocked it out. I was not thinking about it, nor was I thinking about how or when to talk about it.”

“I had made a promise to myself that, after what I had experienced first hand, I would not put myself in such a situation where I would feel vulnerable like this,” she added.

Asked about her performance with Zafar after the incident, she said she obliged to the request of the organizer, added, “it was part of the agreement as per the professional contract.”

Shafi said she has a lot of witnesses who are willing to testify on her behalf, and, “As per the harassment laws, the witnesses’ testimony is taken as evidence.”

Zafar earlier has alleged that Shafi has initiated a social media campaign against him which is harmful to his career.

In an interview with the same channel on Sunday, Zafar alleged that Meesha had paid accounts set up to target companies who have hired him along with the United Nation’s agencies to effectively end his career.

Breaking down to tears, Zafar said, “I don’t know why she is doing this… one should ask her. She should come to the court herself and reveal her true intentions.”


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