An English song by Meera is ‘Under Construction’

Pakistani actress Meera, notorious for her fallible English, has decided to record a song in English.


Apparently, Meera is all set to put her vocal chords and vocabulary both, to the test! According to a local newspaper, the Lollywood actress notorious for her struggles in grappling basic English, is according to sources gearing up to record an English song.

Meera has sought the help of a close friend in meeting and having sit-downs with Pakistani pop musicians. Meera is reportedly not only learning how to sing an English song, but is also trying to master the craft of pronouncing them. Also, according to sources close to Meera, the actress has recorded a video during her trip to the United States. Due to that video, Meera was inspired to record an English song.

Meera had also stated in the recent past that she aspired to act in Hollywood and that her recent visit to the United States had aided her in speaking fluent English.