Court orders Facebook to provide details of ‘fake accounts’ defaming Ali Zafar

LAHORE: District court has ordered Facebook and Instagram to provide details of “fake accounts” allegedly involved in defaming singer and actor Ali Zafar.


In private TV channel interview last week, Zafar alleged that Singer Meesha Shafi, after accusing him of sexual harassment in April 2018, has tasked those fake social media accounts to harm his career.

Zafar said that with the accounts, Shafi has launched a malign online campaign posting lies about him and requested the Federal Investigation Authority’s (FIA) cyberbulling unit to look into the matter.

The FIA’s Cyber Crime Circle in Lahore has completed initial inquiry into the matter and have named Instagram accounts sanasamir91, sallzjay22 and deeenz82 as committing offenses punishable under Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) 2016 by “uploading [Ali Zafar’s] personal pictures with obnoxious/defamatory content to damage his repute in family and society,” stated the court order.

Lahore district has asked Facebook to present the IPs and basic subscriber data of the accounts.


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