Dilip Kumar acquitted in cheque bounce case

Legendary actor Dilip Kumar was today acquitted from all charges in the 18-year old cheque bounce case by Girgaum Magistrate court in Mumbai.


The matter relates to a company named Geekay Exim India Limited of which Dilip Kumar was the honorary chairman.

The company had reportedly raised crores of money from different lender and had issued cheques for repayment of the same almost 12 years back. The cheques bounced and a case was registered against everyone involved in the company.

The court in its wisdom ruled that Dilip Kumar was not directly involved in the day-to-day affairs of the company and hence he cannot be held guilty for the default of payments. The thespian was thereby acquitted of all charges leveled against him.

Dilip Kumar, 94, was granted exemption from personal appearance in the matter today.


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