Fans brought ‘Deadpool’ to the big screen: Ryan Reynolds

LOS ANGELES: Ryan Reynolds has credited movie fans with helping to get his dream project “Deadpool” into production after 11 years of delays.


The “Green Lantern” star was given the chance to reprise his role as an X-Men mutant in the spin-off in the comic book film franchise in 2009, five years after the project was first mooted.

However, the production was hit with a series of delays, including fears the script was too dark and violent, and it was only when a small sample of the intended movie was leaked online that Hollywood bosses realised the support for the film and gave it the go-ahead.

“It’s the best and worst relationship I’ve ever had it took 11 years. We even made a taster but that sat on the shelf for four years until someone leaked it on the web and then within 24 hours it got the green light. I tried to make it happen for all that time but the fans got it made,” he said.

“Deadpool”, due out later this year, stars Ryan as the title character and his alter-ego Wade Wilson, a cancer-stricken mercenary who becomes an indestructible mutant following a genetic experiment.


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