Game of Thrones S8E6 ‘The Iron Throne’ review, recap

I’ve been terrified about tonight’s episode, to be honest, ever since I saw Daenerys go crazy when a bell rang last week. I really don’t know what to expect, but here we go.


As the opening credits roll, I can’t believe we’re at the end. What an amazing ride this has been.

The episode opens with Tyrion walking through King’s Landing. It’s dark and covered in ash, much like Dany’s prophetic vision. So much has died in the wake of her furor and madness. Dead bodies litter the streets, a testament to the pain and suffering that just happened. And Tyrion is breathing this all in.

This was prophesied in Dany’s vision, and yet we all thought this would be caused by the Night King. Davos and Jon join Tyrion. Dany is nowhere to be seen.

Tyrion is going to see Daenerys, I believe, and he insists on going alone. Is this how Tyrion dies?

Grey Worm sentences the armies that surrendered to die. WHAT? He says it’s not over until they are no longer breathing, and he must obey his Queen’s commands. He is like Daenerys’ own personal Mountain.

Daenerys’ absence can be felt strongly. She’s not there and yet she is there, everywhere. As Jon leaves, Grey Worm carries out the sentence. He seems to have lost his mind too, but he was trained to simply follow orders.

In the Red Keep, the destruction hangs heavy. Dany’s vision is everywhere, come to life. It is as if Winter has come indeed, just not in the way we expected.

I wonder if Tyrion is going to look for Cersei and Jaime?

Yes. He finds the rubble that blocked their exit and the small pocket of air. Is there any chance Jaime could still be alive? He’s going to try to dig through that rubble, and it seems he succeeded perhaps. A dragon’s skull lies heavy and symbolic.

Tyrion digs through the rubble, piece by piece by piece. His heartache breaks my heart. He finds Jaime and Cersei’s bodies beneath the rubble. My heart… 🙁

Next we are outside the Red Keep, with viewpoints from Jon and Arya. Jon is sullen – he hasn’t looked this sullen since he had to kill Olly. The Targaryen banner hangs heavy and dark over the Red Keep.  The size of Dany’s armies are monumental, belying the numbers she lost before.

Drogon flies over King’s Landing, his roar deafening and filled with power.

Daenerys’ armies have brought a darkness and wildness to King’s Landing. The shot of Drogon’s wings behind Daenerys shows her as an angel of death. Dany addresses the armies and I feel like I’m watching her ancestors when they first conquered Westeros.

Grey Worm is Daenerys’ commander and the Master of War. It doesn’t comfort his heart, broken from MIssandei.

Dany tells the Unsullied they were ripped from their mothers and are now liberators, freeing the people of King’s Landing from the grip of a tyrant. (Irony.) Now Daenerys vows to liberate everyone in the world, from Winterfell to Dorne to Qarth to the Summer Isles and the Jade Sea. She does not seem to recognize that she is the new wheel and the new tyrant.

When Tyrion approaches Daenerys, she says that she knows he committed treason by freeing his brother. But Tyrion says she slaughtered a city and will no longer be Hand of the King. He is arrested. My heart is racing during this scene, while Jon is observing it all, likely feeling much like I do.


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