GEO – Utho Jago Pakistan Veena Malik: Blasphemy Attempt in Morning show

Blasphemy act of Geo – Utho Jago Pakistan,Veena Malik’s wedding today at morning show.


Religious leaders of Pakistan have strongly condemned Geo TV for hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims by playing manqabat ‘Ali ke Saath hai Zahra ki Shaadi’ in the time of the wedding reenactment of film.

‘Ali ke Saath hai Zahra ki Shaadi’ is a renowned manqabat sung by Qawaal Amjad Sabri. It is about the wedding of Hazrat Fatima Zehra (AS), daughter of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH), with Hazrat Ali (AS), Muhammad’s (PBUH) cousin and closest companion.

Today, Agreeing to her statement aired today, the regretful host stated that she along with the entire team feels sorry and tenders an apology for the circumstances that were triggered unintentionally due to the capacity of the program broadcast yesterday.

Dr. Shaista stated that she looks for forgiveness from the Almighty Allah over an unintended gaffe that hurt the sentiments of the audience.

She moreover alleged that the squad will proceed to improvise in the future with the avail of the suggestions offered by the audience.


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