I don’t believe in cast and religion: Nana Patekar

Nana Patekar is famous for his straight forward remarks and opinions and is respected for them.


Speaking at a school function in Sindhudurga district in the Konkan area of Maharashtra, the actor said, “We all are Indians and that should be our only religion. What is the need to be called a Hindu, Muslim or Christian? Does anybody have any religion or caste at the time of birth?” asked Nana Patekar at a school function in Sindhudurga district in Konkan area of Maharashtra.

The actor is working for his NGO to help the wives and children of farmers who committed suicide in Maharashtra.

The unstoppable Nana, who is currently garnering huge accolades for his path-breaking performance in the Marathi film ‘Natsamrat’, said, “Every religion says, look for God in a human being. Everybody has a hero and a villain within themselves. So it depends upon you to be a hero or a villain. If you show humanity, it will give you satisfaction.”


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