I don’t know Salman at all: Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma — Salman Khan’s Sultan co-star — is the latest Bollywood celerity to comment on the megastar’s “raped woman” remark.


During a recent interview with Film Companion, when she was asked to comment on the controversy involving her Sultan co-star, Anushka said, “I feel like it was insensitive and something that I was a bit surprised by.

But she pointed out one good thing that came out of it: “It made me think about how each one of us have a responsibility towards what we speak in any place. Whatever you say, you have to be aware of that. I think we celebrities have to be more aware of what we are saying.”

“You hear people say things like ‘Oh I had a tough day, feel like I was raped.’ People have realised that this can’t be taken lightly or the word ‘rape’ can’t be used loosely which is the only positive thing about this,” she added.

But here’s the surprising part. When asked if she would suggest Salman to apologise on his remark, Anushka revealed that she doesn’t have that equation with him as she “doesn’t know him at all.”

“I don’t know him at all. I have done one film with him and that’s the amount of interaction I’ve had with him,” she said.

“Salman is intimidating and he is not someone who would go out of his way to make you feel comfortable. He’s going to be himself and he’ll just do his thing. And I’m very shy as a person so I can’t bridge that gap either. We don’t have that kind of a equation where we have conversations,” she said.


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