I will get married on November 18: Salman Khan

MUMBAI: Bollywood’s Sultan, Salman Khan, has revealed his marriage date with a slight twist.


He was present in the launch ceremony of Sania Mirza’s autobiography ‘Ace Against Odds’ when a journalist came up with the question regarding his marriage plans.

Salman took a long pause to think about the query he mostly evades.

When the host of the event suggested the date 18th November, which has been making rounds since long, the actor broke his ponderous state, and said, “Yes. 18th November. Yeh 18th November, yeh kuch bees pachees November se chal raha hai. Lekin pata nahi kaunse saal main hoga. Lekin hoga. (This 18th November has been going on for the last 20 to 25 Novembers. I don’t know which year it will happen but it will happen.)”

On hearing the answer Sania replied, “It’s okay, not many women are complaining that you are not married.”

Salman took a jibe at the reply and said, “I know a few who are complaining. Aapko nahi pata kitna pressure hai. (You don’t know the amount of pressure on me.)”

He also added that the few women mean only his mother and sisters who want him to tie the knot soon.


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