Iranian, Turkish films to screen in Pakistani cinemas after ban on Indian movies

The Pakistani cinemas are all set to screen Iranian and Turkish films after the Indian content is banned from the country.


The move came in a bid to save the declining film industry and restore its glory.

The industry was previously surviving with the aid of superior-quality Indian movies but after the imposition of the ban it is somewhat trampling.

Pakistan Film Distributors have begun to contact Iran and Turkey for the import of their movies.

The public has also agreed to the decision.

They are of the view that along with entertainment people will also receive employment benefits.

“The public will fondly watch Urdu-dubbed Turkish movies if they are screened in the cinemas,” said one person.

Film distributors suggest that the film industry’s economy will boost if Turkish and Iranian movies are exhibit in Pakistani cinemas.

Tensions between India and Pakistan have soared since grenade-hurling militants raided India’s Uri army base near the de-facto border dividing Kashmir on September 18 in the worst such attack for years.

Following the raid, the Indian Motion Picture Producers Association, which represents a number of Hindi film industry employees, passed a motion banning Pakistani artists until relations improve.

Pakistan’s Film Exhibitors and Distributors group responded by suspending the screening of all Indian films “until normalcy returns”.

Pakistan’s state-run media authorityalso banned all Indian content from television and radio networks. It threatened to suspend the licences of any station caught flouting the ban.


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