Irrfan Khan says Saba Qamar may promote Hindi Medium in India

There has been an ongoing controversy following the ban on Pakistani actors, singers, and technicians from working in Indian films by the Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association. This ban was implemented in the wake of Uri attacts and the volatile situation with Pakistan.


Today, in a candid chat with Irrfan Khan, when we asked him about what would be his reaction to the ban since Saba Qamar is not allowed to promote her own film here, Khan said, “I was told that she (Saba Qamar) has applied for the visa and she will be arriving soon, I am not sure when she will come, but she is expected to be here soon!”

If Saba Qamar happens to make it to India to promote the film, it will be a positive sign for all the Pakistani artistes who have had to stop performing in India because of the ban. The last time this ban was in news when Raees actor, Maheera Khan couldn’t come to India to promote the film with Shah Rukh Khan and the Raees team.

Irrfan Khan is busy promoting Hindi Medium alone. The film which was first supposed to release on May 12, 2017, will not release on May 19, 2017.

It is a story of the plight parents have to go through for their children to get the best of modern education in posh schools of big Indian cities, and how they would do anything and everything to make sure they give their children the best.


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