Irrfan Khan turns down Spielberg movie starring Scarlett Johansson

MUMBAI: Indian actor Irrfan Khan was offered a role alongside award-winning actor, Scarlet Johansson, in one of Hollywood’s biggest directors Steven Spielberg’s upcoming film, but turned it down stating that the “character didn’t give him much scope”.


Khan, who has a number of Hollywood films to his credit including Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan and Jurassic Park, told local channel, “I didn’t feel the character offered to me gave me much scope so I said ‘No,’,” he said.

Although the actor did admit that he would’ve enjoyed sharing screen space with the Lucy actor. “Scarlett Johannson is an actor I would have loved to share screen space with, though,” he added.

Explaining the fusion of Hollywood and Bollywood the actor said, ”India is only going to get bigger in the West. The American film industry is always looking for talent; they have the stories and are eyeing India.”

He predicts, “In the next five years, it’s only going to get bigger.”

Khan recently finished filming Inferno with renowned Hollywood actor, Tom Hanks. On his experience acting alongside Hanks, Khan notes, “Tom hanks was an actor secure in his space. He has no airs and is so talented.”

Due to Khan managing his career in both Bollywood and Hollywood simultaneously, he’s been forced to make compromises when it comes to which films he can choose.

He told tabloids that he recently rejected a role in Hollywood film Martian, because he was busy shooting Piku with Deepika Padukone.


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