Javeria Saud to take legal action against Salma Zafar for ‘baseless allegations’

Javeria Saud has said that she will be taking legal action against Salma Zafar for her ‘baseless allegations and derogatory remarks against the Saud family’.


“JJS Productions have exercised their legal rights and their lawyer initiated legal actions against Ms. Salma Zafar for her baseless allegations and derogatory remarks against the Saud family,” reads the post on Javeria’s Instagram.

JJS Productions will also take legal action against people who shared Salma Zafar’s video without verification.

“They are exercising the same right against people who have shared the said video without verification, as per Cyber Crime Criminal Laws of Pakistan Saud & Javeria would like to thank the members of the media fraternity and others who have come forward and expressed support for them during this period,” said Javeria.

Zafar has accused celebrity couple Javeria Saud and Saud Qasmi of defrauding her and many others who worked for their company JJS Production House.

In a live session on Instagram, Zafar alleged that JJS Production House has not paid her and many others who worked for their production house dramas Yeh Kesi Muhabbat and Yeh Zindagi.

In the video, the seasoned actor revealed that JJS Production House owes her about Rs10 million alone. She also revealed how Javeria and Saud have not been paying their staff and how they’ve treated their cast badly.

After Zafar, actor Sherry Shah has accused JJS Productions of fraud and mistreatment.

Shah posted a video on social media saying, “I saw Salma Zafar’s video and I can completely understand her pain because I passed through the same turmoil.”

The actor said that she had been a part of JJS Production’s projects for many years. “I have done two projects: a soap Yeh Zindagi Hai and a soap serial Ye Kesi Muhabbat Hai.”

She also spoke about the couple’s ill-treatment after she asked for her money. Shah said she has received a payment of Rs0.35 million at most until now. She claims that JJS Productions owes her Rs9 million to Rs10 million.


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