KARACHI: I’m influence by Imran, Nawaz, Musharraf: Veena

Famous Pakistani actress Veena Malik said on Monday that she is greatly impressed by Imran Khan, Pevez Musharaf and Nawaz Sharif.


Speaking to media at Karachi Airport, Veena Malik said all three of them have strong personality.

Imran Khan’s vision is impressive, Nawaz Sharif’s hair style is astonishing as well as he is a serious person and I went to an Army Family that’s why I like Musharraf to”, said Veena.

She indicated that the current regime should give chance to complete 5-year period.

When inquired about views on negotiation with the Taliban, Veena Malik said she is in favor of having talks with Taliban advising that talks with the Taliban should be run along.


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