KARACHI:Veena go to see Abdul Sattar Edhi in Karachi

Actress Veena Malik, now Veena Khan Khattak, visited today Edhi Centre, Karachi and met its founder and famous social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi.


“It feels like a long-time wish coming true,” said Veena after meeting Mr. Edhi.

Devotion of Edhi sahib cannot be described in words, she said while talking to media.

Veena, who frequently made headlines on controversial grounds, said she wanted to begin social activities in Pakistan.

Her husband, Asad Khan Khattak, said it was his childhood dream came true to meet Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Edhi thanked the visiting couple for inquiring after him. Veena seemed much matured as compared to past, said the prominent social worker.


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