Legendary actor Abid Ali joins PTI

Karachi: Imran Khan is on a 2 day visit to the metropolis, Karachi on a election recruitment campaign consisting of small stints and sporadic appearances at different places in Karachi.


Imran Khan welcomed both Amir Liaquat and senior actor Abid Ali both post their announcement to join the political party.

‘We want to add as many people as we can in the war waged against the status quo,’ said Khan.

Abid Ali (born 1952) is a Pakistani television actor who has acted in numerous television productions in Pakistan and India (Bollywood).

His most notable work as an actor was, Waris (PTV, 1978-79) along with this he has also worked as a director and producer on various projects and has even embarked on a silver screen career working in a plethora of movies.

He is the father of accomplished Model and Actress, Iman Ali.


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